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Room Temperature Surface Coat Slow - RSC-301x

Category: Surface Coats
Ratio: 100pbw to 24pbw
Hardener: SC-60-N Slow
Description: RSC-310X is a light blue room temperature curing epoxy surface coat. RSC-301X will serve a variety of applications as it is a universal surface coat. RSC-301X has excellent brushability and will not sag on vertical surfaces. The unique aspect of this surface coat is its' ability to bond to another surface coat or laminating resin after it is fully cured. Most surface coats must have the second surface coat applied within 45-60 minutes. RSC-301X with SC-60-N hardener can be applied up to 24 hours after the initial surface coat. By letting the first surface coat tack or cure fully, you eliminate air holes on the surface and telescoping of fiberglass fabric. This process has many advantages over most others.
Uses: Die mold duplications, Keller molds, Spotting racks, Inspection fixtures, Layout skins, Plastic-faced plasters
Color: white
Pot Life: 55-65 minutes
Hardness Shore "D": 82
Ultimate Flexural Strength, PSI: 9,500
Ultimate Tensile Strength, PSI: 7,500
Ultimate Compressive Strength, PSI: 19,200
Machinability: good
Tack Time @ 77°F: 130 minutes
Additional Info: Falling Dart Gasrdner Impact-Passes 30in./lb., no delamination on gel coat for reverse impact. (2 coats of gel coat 1/32", 4 ply .014" figerglass cloth)

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