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High Temperature Graphite Surface Coat Slow - HSC-905

Category: Surface Coats
Ratio: 100pbw to 20 pbw
Hardener: HT-9234
Description: HSC-905 is a high temperature two component epoxy surface coat. This surface coat has excellent chemical resistance along with resistance to extremely high temperature. Upon completion, the tool should be allowed to cure at ambient temperature. At that point apply an oven cure according to the following schedule. (This schedule is recommended for a tool which will be exposed to an operating temperature of 350°F.)
1 hour at 150°F
1 hour at 200°F
1 hour at 250°F
1 hour at 300°F
3 hours at 350°F
1 hour at 400°F
After the oven has cooled to ambient temperature (77 degrees), remove the tool. (The final temperature of the post curing cycle should be 50 degrees Fahrenheit about the use temperature of the tool.)
*If the tool is used at 400 degrees Fahrenheit the final post cure temperature is 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 1 hour.
Ratio By Weight: 100pbw/20pbw
Ratio by Volume: 5 to 1
Pot Life at 72° F (200 Gram Mass): 165 mins.
Cure Time: 24 hours then post cure
Shore "D" Room Temperature: 85-88
Flexural Modulus at 72°F: 6.25 x 106
Flexural Strength at 350°F: 36,000
Heat Distortion: 450°F
Density Resin: 9.6
Density Hardener: 8.3
Density Mixed: 9.4
Specific Gravity Resin: 1.17
Specific Gravity Hardener: 1.00
Specific Gravity Mixed: 1.09
Shelf Life Resin_Hardener: 1 year
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion: 3.4 x 10-6/°C

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