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Room Temperature Laminating - WB-400

Category: Laminating
Ratio: 100pbw to 40pbw
Hardener: CS-215
Description: WB-400 is an unfilled, clean epoxy resin system with virtually no blush on surface or back. WB-400 is a tough, strong impact-resistant resin with good chemical resistance. It has excellent wetting quality on Kevlar, Carbon Graphite and Fiberglass.
Ratio By Weight: 100pbw to 40pbw
Pot Life (454 Gram Mass): 70 minutes
Viscosity CPS: 2,500
Shore "D": 82
Compressive Yield_PSI: 15,000
Izod Impact, Ft-Lb_Inch Notch: .046
Tensile Elongation at Break, %: 6.0
Tensile Strength @25C: 8,500
Flexural Strength @25C: 8,900
Shelf Life Resin_Hardener: 1 year

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