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Room Temperature White Casting (Surface) - WCR-505

Category: Casting
Ratio: 100pbw to 18pbw
Hardener: C-201 standard CS-202-extra slow
Description: WCR-505 casting resin has been designed to apply in thicknesses of 1/32" to 1". This excellent resin is white in color and flows easily to finely detailed areas. WCR-505's very slow cure schedule permits shrinkage to be kept to a minimum. WCR-505 has a density of 20-30 lbs./cubic foot. This product is slow in reacting, allowing adequate time to complete a job. Uses: Die model duplications, high-density molded foam prototypes, plaques and displays, Keller aids, castings and die castings, surface changes.
Ratio By Weight: 100pbw to 18pbw
Ratio by Volume: 3.5 to 1
Pot Life at 72° F (200 Gram Mass): 62 mins.
Cure Time: 24 hours
Shore "D" Room Temperature: 84
Tensile Strength: 11,000
Compressive Strength: 21,000
Heat Distortion: 125°F
Density Resin: 13.5
Density Hardener: 8.5
Density Mixed: 12.74
Specific Gravity Resin: 1.63
Specific Gravity Hardener: 1.04
Specific Gravity Mixed: 1.53
Shelf Life Resin_Hardener: 1 year

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