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Room Temperature Aluminum Filled Casting - ACR-500

Category: Casting
Ratio: 100pbw to 18pbw
Hardener: C-201 standard CS-202-extra slow
Description: ACR-500 is a highly aluminum filled casting resin designed for surface casting applications. This room temperature curing system yields excellent dimensional stability in castings up to one half inch in thickness. ACR-500 has a medium pot life and provides very good reproduction characteristics. Uses: Draw Dies Kirksite Facing Core Boxes Hammer Forms Foundry Pattern
Ratio By Weight: 100pbw to 12pbw
Ratio by Volume: 5.5 to 1
Pot Life at 72° F (200 Gram Mass): 1 1/2 hours
Cure Time: 24 hours
Shore "D" Room Temperature: 80
Shore "D" 350°F: 72
Flexural Strength: 38,000
Compressive Strength: 56,500
Heat Distortion: 350°F
Density Resin: 11.8
Density Hardener: 7.8
Density Mixed: 11.37
Specific Gravity Resin: 1.42
Specific Gravity Hardener: .94
Specific Gravity Mixed: 1.36
Shelf Life Resin_Hardener: 1 year

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