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Multi-Purpose Casting Resin - MCR-507

Category: Casting
Ratio: 100bpw to 10pbw
Hardener: ST-102
Description: MCR-507 is a tough, hard carbide filled casting material designed for surface facings of Kirksite Dies. This epoxy system is an exceptional material for applications requiring wear and abrasion resistance. Mcr-507 features accurate detail and reproduction. Uses: Hammer Forms Facing Kirksite Dies Mold Surfacing
Ratio By Weight: 100bpw to 10pbw
Ratio by Volume: 5.7 to 1
Working Time: 40 minutes
Cure Time: 24 hours
Shore "D" Room Temperature: 90
Flexural Strength: 15,500
Tensile Strength: 9,100
Compressive Strength: 37,500
Density Resin: 14.5
Density Hardener: 8.2
Density Mixed: 13.93
Specific Gravity Resin: 1.75
Specific Gravity Hardener: .98
Specific Gravity Mixed: 1.68
Shelf Life Resin_Hardener: 1 year

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