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Iron Filled Casting Resin - ICR-510

Category: Casting
Ratio: 100pbw to 12pbw
Hardener: CS-215 or CV-015
Description: ICR-510 casting systems offer the convenience of one resin used with two hardeners to meet different requirements. ICR-015 can be used with two hardeners to meet different requirements. ICR-510 can be casted up to an approximate 4" thickness. With CV-015 can be casted from 4" up to 10". These systems contain iron filler for wear resistance, low shrinkage upon cure, and excellent impact resistance.
Shelf Life Resin_Hardener: 1 year
  CS-212 CV-015
Ratio By Weight: 100pbw to 12pbw 100pbw to 12pbw
Pot Life at 72° F (200 Gram Mass): 60 minutes 110 minutes
Mixed Viscosity, cps: 29,000cps 31,100cps
Cure Time: 24 hours 40 hours
Shore "D": 85 80
Tensile Strength: 8,000psi 8,000psi
Compressive Strength: 16,000 psi 15,000 psi
Density Mixed: 16.6 16.6

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