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1 to 1 Lightweight Tooling Dough - DT-2000-A

Category: Adhesives & Pastes
Ratio: 1pbw to 1pbw
Hardener: DT-2000-B
Description: DT-2000 A & B is a lightweight, color coded, two component, 1 to 1 mix epoxy system. When mixed together it forms a soft, dough-like consistency that cures at room temperature. DT-2000 A& B exhibits low exotherm thus providing excellent for quick light weight back-up supporting structure for large parts. Recommended Use: Apply 2 epoxy gel coats (RSC-301X & SC-150-N) then 2 layers of style 7500 fiberglass cloth with lamination resin (LR-100 and LH-101), then 1/4" to 1/3" thick DT-2000 A & B. Next apply 2 layers of 7500 fiberglass cloth wit lamination resin. This application will yield a very lightweight sandwich mold.
Ratio By Weight: 100 A to 100 B
Ratio by Volume: 1 A to 1 B
Pot Life (1 lb Mass): 2 hours
Cure Time at 72°F: approx. 50 hours
Shore "D": 62
Flexural Strength: 14,090 psi
Flexural Modulus: 1.06 x 106
Density Mixed: 4.4
Shelf Life: 1 Year
Specific Gravity: .73
Coverage: 24 lbs. Unit approximately 16 sq. ft. at 1/2"
Demold Time at 72° F and 1_2" thickness): 18-24 hours
Co-Efficient of Thermal Expansion: 1.87 x 105

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